All That Jazz is the third Top Cat episode.


Jazz, the new cat in town, cleans up the alley, steals Top Cat's girlfriend, takes over the pool hall, and sways the gang. TC pretends he's found diamonds on a faraway island, hoping Jazz will try to beat him to it. He falls for the con, but the airline has never heard of the island, so he returns and uses the same trick on TC.

A famous movie producer offers Jazz a part in his next film, The Thing from the Alley. He refuses, assuming that it is another trick. He then offers the part to Top Cat, but he refuses too. They soon find out that the offer was legitimate, but Benny has already been cast in the starring role. He leaves for Hollywood in a limo, but Top Cat finagles himself and the gang into the act in the guise of Benny's manager, valet, vocal coach, tailor and chauffeur.

Jazz and Beau decide to stay in the alley in the cats' absence, but Dibble treats them the same as he does the regular gang.


  • Top Cat's girlfriend in this episode isn't given a name, but he does call her his "Top Doll".