Choo-Choo's Romance is the eleventh episode of Top Cat.


Choo-Choo is infatuated with an aristocratic French cat named Goldie. Top Cat figures the sooner they get together, the sooner he'll get fed up with her and return to his old self, so he tries to play matchmaker. He dresses Brain as cupid to deliver some chocolates to her, but this plan fails, so he has Choo-Choo pretend to be a vacuum cleaner salesman to get his foot in the door. Her boyfriend Pierre turns them away.

The cats return to the alley to devise a plan to get rid of Pierre. They overhear Dibble talking to the Sergeant about hoodlums in the park. TC and Benny pretend to be hoodlums so when Goldie walks through the park that night Chooch can save her from them. When the real thieves confront her, Choo-Choo thinks it's just his friends, but they attack him. Goldie beats them up by herself and leaves.

Benny finds a book of love poems she dropped, so TC has Choo-Choo write her a poem of his own, with TC's help. They mail it to her and she writes back with an affectionate response.

They serenade her outside her balcony, so she comes down to meet Chooch. He's not sure what to say, so TC plays Cyrano and charms her. When Pierre tries to break them up, Goldie says to leave him alone because she wants to marry TC, still thinking it's Choo-Choo. Pierre challenges TC to a duel over her.

TC tells Benny to load the pistols with blanks. He pretends that Pierre shot him and tells Goldie to be happy with Choo-Choo. However, Choo-Choo thinks TC is really dying, and realizes he'd be happier with his friends playing pool than with Goldie who shares nothing in common with him. She runs back to Pierre. TC stands up and explains about the blanks, and Benny confirms the story and shows them the handful of blanks he obtained. Realizing Pierre used a real bullet, TC examines his hat, finds a bullet hole, and faints.