Cousin Shifty is the identical cousin of Top Cat. He appears in "Double Trouble", a story in issue 16 of of the Charlton Top Cat comics. He claims that he and TC used to work in a circus together as a two-headed monster.


Looking identical to Top Cat in virtually every way possible; he shares his creamy yellow fur color and white muzzle, four whiskers, and long tail. He also dresses identically to TC, also wearing a vest and pork pie hat. Due to the fact he is meant to look exactly like TC it is likely that his vest and hat are meant to be a tyrian purple as well, however in the comic they seem to be more of a brown color.


Being appropriately named, he is a rather shifty cat. He is a rather mischievous fellow, immediately interested in pranking Officer Dibble with TC. Benny claims that Shifty might just be more clever than TC himself. While TC is annoyed by Shifty's presence, Shifty is over-excited and eager to reminisce about the past with TC. He is a rather unfaithful lover, seeing two different girls at the same time while they are unaware. When he asks TC to pretend to impersonate him and take out one of his girlfriends, while he takes out the other, he lacks the foresight to realize that he and TC would take the girls out to the same place and thus ruining their ruse.

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