Dibble's Birthday is the twenty-third episode of Top Cat.


Fed up with all the trash in the alley, Officer Dibble calls a meeting of the gang, but Top Cat pulls a fast one and they all hide from him. T.C. overhears the Sergeant wishing Dibble a happy birthday, and thinks a surprise party might make Dibble happy enough to leave them alone for a while.

Dibble reports for his annual physical, and overhears the Commissioner talking to Flanagan about getting rid of the department's old clunker vehicles, but thinks they're talking about him. After watching a younger officer breeze through, he has trouble with the eye test and the chin-ups.

T.C. has the gang solicit presents for Dibble from all the stores, but when they bring back gifts galore, he thinks they should hock them for the money. The other cats protest until T.C. relents. They don't have time to hide the presents before Dibble comes by, but he's too depressed to notice.

The Sarge talks to Dibble and clears up the misunderstanding. He says Dibble is one of the best men he has. His spirits lifted, Dibble returns to the alley and complains about all the boxes piled up there. He thinks the stuff is stolen and starts to berate the cats. When he reaches for the phone to call the paddywagon, he finds a birthday card from the gang. Benny hands him his present, a gold-plated whistle. Sentimental and teary-eyed, Dibble apologizes and leaves, and the cats chase after him with the rest of his presents.