Dog Jail is a dog pound that is run similarly to a human prison seen in two different Top Cat films; Top Cat and the Beverly Hills Cats and Top Cat: the Movie

Top Cat and the Beverly Hills Cats

More like a dog pound than a prison in Beverly Hills Cats, as the dogs do not seem to be on the same level of intelligence as the cats. Benny was mistaken for a dog while in a costume and was sent to the pound. He claims that he is able to communicate with the dog he shares a cell with. There is a dog catcher who works at the pound who behaves similarly to Dibble in the series proper, with his dog as his right-hand man and enforcer.

Top Cat: the Movie

In comparison to the pound's depiction in Beverly Hills Cats, The Movie depicts the pound more akin to a human prison. The dogs imprisoned there behave more like humans, quite like TC and his gang do. Top Cat is sent to this Dog Jail as the more comfortable prison for him was full.