Farewell, Mr. Dibble is the eighteenth episode of Top Cat.


One hot day at the precinct headquarters, new Police Academy graduate Ernest Prowler asks the Sergeant to be assigned to Officer Dibble's district. He suspects the reason that district is so quiet is not that Dibble is a fine officer, but that he may be old and tired, or lazy. His uncle, the Sergeant, agrees to the assignment.

Not digging the heat, the cats want to buy some ice cream. Brain tells Top Cat that Benny has a dollar, but when he arrives he has already spent it. He bought a "pocket air conditioner" from a sidewalk salesman so the whole gang could enjoy it, but it's merely a paper accordion fan. T.C. says he's been flim-flammed and sets up his own streetcorner shop to sell it to somebody else.

Dibble arrives in the alley after spending some time in the meat freezer at Schultz's Delicatessen. T.C. invites him to cool off at the hydrant, but as Dibble cools his feet in the gutter, Prowler and the Sarge arrive. Shocked, the Sergeant assigns Prowler and Dibble to work together.

Prowler makes a detailed list of minor infractions that Dibble routinely overlooks and reports back to his uncle. When he hears the mayor has been flim-flammed into buying a "pocket air conditioner," the Sergeant decides to take Dibble off the beat.

When T.C. hears that Dibble is leaving, he raises the distress flag to call the gang together. They're happy to hear that Dibble is leaving until T.C. tells them his replacement is Prowler. As Top Cat conducts from above, the gang orchestrates a number of sabotages to make Prowler look bad, and fool him into trying to arrest the mayor. Their tricks work and the Sergeant thinks Prowler has gone mad, so he gives Dibble back his beat.