Griswald is the twenty-ninth episode of Top Cat.


Top Cat and the gang are playing baseball in the alley. Just as T.C. hits the ball, Officer Dibble arrives to break up the game and takes the bat from him. The ball crashes through the window of Tony's pizza restaurant. Tony is not amused when he returns the ball and sees Dibble holding the bat.

The Sergeant calls Dibble to the station to tell him about the Commissioner's new idea. He assigns him to work with Griswald, an eager new police dog, for two weeks. Dibble takes him right down to Hoagy's Alley and tells Griswald not to let anyone the police phone but him. The first time T.C. uses it, Griswald latches onto his tail until Dibble comes back.

Top Cat leads the dog on a merry chase, but can't shake him. Then he uses flattery to trick him into an ash can and throws it onto a garbage truck. T.C. helps the gang sneak into Yankee Stadium, but Griswald is already there and chases them out. He puts the dog in a taxi and sends him to New Jersey, but Griswald escapes and chases the cat up a telephone pole.

The dog keeps catching the cats at their mischief-making, no matter where they hide. T.C. tries to give the dog to a little boy, but his father objects. Top Cat calls an emergency meeting to discuss the situation and asks for ideas. Brain suggests sending him to Alaska, so T.C. sets the plan in motion. They trick him into a box and mail him, but the postman lets him out.

When Dibble reports Griswald's success, the Sergeant and Commissioner want to see him in action. T.C. calls in a phony tip to make Dibble leave. When the Sergeant arrives and finds Dibble missing, he picks up the phone, and Griswald attacks him. The Commissioner arrives, picks up the phone, and is attacked too. Dibble saves the Commissioner's wife from a similar fate.

With three mistakes in a row, Griswald is fired, so he goes to live in Top Cat's can.