Kitty Glitter


Voiced by
Teresa Ganzel
Fur Color

Kitty Glitter is a temporary love interest of Top Cat and Brain in Top Cat and the Beverly Hills Cats. She was unknowingly set up on a blind date with TC in order to distract him from Benny.


Kitty is a cream-colored cat with a white muzzle. Kitty happens to be one of the few feline characters that doesn't have any whiskers - if not the only one. She also has a long tail like many of the other feline characters, though it doesn't appear in most of her earlier scenes. Her natural hair is short and brown, however she wears a wig for most of the movie. When out with Brain - mistaking him for TC - and in the photo given to TC she is seen wearing a blonde wig, however by the time she actually meets up with TC at the costume party the wig she is wearing is of a much redder color.


Having a rather vain and shallow mindset, Kitty is a rather materialistic character who adores high class society and glamour. However, she constantly mentions she's willing to do anything for love and wants nothing more than a successful husband. Her character is defined by the idea of being gold digger, however based on her commentary and the values of the time she is implied to be something more of an Old Maid. This is supported by her comment about "waiting for years" in reference to being set up with TC, as well as talking about finding love to herself. Though she found Brain to be rather eccentric, ignorant, and causing trouble wherever he went, she was willing to look past it and tolerate the issues that arose; claiming it to be all in the name of love. She appears to take large offense to people lying to her or being mislead, based on how infuriated she becomes when Brain reveals that he isn't TC like she thought or when TC reveals that he is penniless contrary to what she had been told.