Tc lazlo

Lazlo-Lazlo is a character in Top Cat and Top Cat: the Movie. He was voiced by Leo De Lyon in the original series.

About Lazlo-Lazlo

He is a violinist who recorded one album, then disappeared. When Officer Dibble bought a record by him and played it, the musical director of Carnegie Hall heard it and mistakenly thought it was Benny playing. He offered Benny a job for his talent before realizing that it wasn't Benny. Top Cat had told a street sweeper to "Stick to [his] broom" when he had tried to explain that he was Lazlo-Lazlo. He still cleans up after every show. Top Cat and Benny saw him again in when the Maharajah of Pookajee came to watch him perform.


Lazlo-Lazlo is a finely dressed man with pale skin, and bright shaggy red hair. His nose is long and sharp and under his nose he possesses a thin black mustache that is quite finely trimmed and styled. His eyebrows match his mustache in color. When doing his janitorial work he wears an all white suit, a matching hat, and a white scarf. When he performs on stage, he is in a navy blue suit with an orange tie.


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