The Grand Tour is the nineteenth episode of Top Cat.


The police commissioner says the Citizens Committee is making a tour of troubled areas, and the Sergeant's precinct is on the list, so he vows to root out the troublemakers.

Meanwhile, treasurer Benny reports that the gang is broke, so Top Cat asks for ideas to raise money. Choo-Choo suggests bringing in new people, and T.C. thinks it might work if they turn the alley into a tourist attraction and charge people to give them a tour, and selling maps to Captain Kidd's buried treasure.

They erect signs for fictitious historic sites. Benny digs a hole to label the Grand Canyon, but when he hits the water main, they change the sign to Old Faithful. T.C. steals customers from a Tour Bus and Benny dresses as Patrick Henry.

The commissioner and the committee see Choo-Choo dressed as an Indian and stop to talk. He directs them to Top Cat's tour. They are outraged by the scam and when Dibble walks by, the commissioner orders T.C. be arrested.

Meanwhile, frustrated at not selling any maps, Choo-Choo uses one to find the treasure for himself. He counts his paces as he enters a condemned building and falls through the floor with a crash. He runs back to the alley shouting that he found the treasure. One of the committee members inspects the loot and declares they're solid silver Dutch doubloons worth a fortune.

The cats think they're rich, until the commissioner says the condemned building is city property and confiscates the treasure. He feels the finders should receive some compensation, so he pays for their tour plus a tip, for a total of two bucks. Then he fines them two bucks for operating guided tours without a license.

Dibble advises they stay out of the building because it's dangerous. Of course they go in anyway to look for more treasure, but Benny's sneeze causes the building to come crashing down and the cats escape just in time.