The Tycoon is the fourteenth episode of Top Cat.


Billionaire Mr. T.L. Vanderfeller watches The Wacky Tycoon, a television program about a rich man giving million-dollar checks to needy souls and wishes he could do the same. His butler Boswell says they don't know any needy souls, but they could drive around town and look for one.

Meanwhile, Top Cat and the gang watch the same show on a set in a store window and dream of how they'd spend the money if someone gave it to them. TC has the boys go sell raffle tickets, and dress in rags so people will buy more from them. When Dibble passes by, they pretend they're rehearsing for a policemen's benefit, and say they're donating their ragged clothing to the poor.

TC has no luck selling tickets at Schultz's Delicatessen, but does sell some to Lou the tailor's wife, over his objections.

Vanderfeller spies Benny trying to fish a dime out of a storm drain and stops to talk to him. Benny explains how needy the gang is, and that Top Cat looks out for them. The tycoon hands him a check for a million dollars made out to Top Cat. When he shows it to TC, he thinks someone wrote a twenty-five cent check for a raffle ticket, and walks away.

Benny brings it to the bank, but the teller says Top Cat has to sign the check before they can cash it. Lou the tailor overhears, and spreads the word to Schultz, Honest John, and the other merchants about the windfall. They lavish him with fancy clothes and cars on credit. Benny runs up and asks TC to sign the check. Still thinking it's just for two bits, he rips it up.

The merchants come to the alley to fawn over him some more. Dibble comes to see what the hubbub is, finds a piece of the ripped check, and reads where it says a million dollars. The merchants take back their things, and the cats follow the garbage truck to the City Dump to try to find the rest of the check.