Top Cat (Gold Key) 5 is an issue of the Top Cat comics series from Gold Key Comics. Its issue date is January 1963 and its cover price is twelve cents.


Top Cat

Starring: Top Cat
Summary: Facing a charging bull, TC devises a clever use for his matador cape.

Big Business Bungle

Starring: Top Cat
Guest starring: Uncle Felineus and The Gang
Summary: TC pretends to be a bank president to impress his uncle and get a cushy job, but the ruse works too well and Felineus thinks TC is too successful to come to work for him.

A Sick-Type Joke

Starring: Top Cat
Guest starring: Officer Dibble and The Gang
Summary: When TC goes to the doctor, Dibble misoverhears and thinks the cat is sick. TC plays along until Dibble throws him a party and invites the doc.

The Cats Came Back

Starring: Top Cat
Guest starring: Officer Dibble and The Gang
Summary: Dibble orders the cats to clean up the alley or get out, so they move to the City Park. However, the park has a number of rules that inhibit their ability to find food. After a string of mishaps, they accidentally roll a cannon down a hill and straight through the alley, which pushes all the trash out with it. The gang is happy with the outcome until they find that putting the cannon back is more work than the cleanup would have been in the first place.

The Haunted Hide-Out

(story feature)
Starring: Yakky Doodle
Summary: Yakky spends the night on a spooky pond and thinks it's haunted. When two crooks hide there from the police, Yakky haunts them instead.

The Missing Shells Mystery

Starring: Touche and Dum Dum
Summary: Someone is swiping all the turtles' shells. Touche tracks them to a collector's house, but Dum Dum accidentally destroys them, though they still intend to return them to their original owners.

Pizza Performers

Starring: Top Cat
Guest starring: Tony and The Gang
Summary: The cats offer to watch Tony's Pizza Palace when he has to leave. They don't make pizzas well, but they find a way to make money anyway.

The Cat Catching Cat

Starring: Top Cat
Guest starring: Officer Dibble, Chief Thumbton, Cop Cat, and The Gang
Summary: Tired of hearing complaints about the Gang, the Chief calls in Cop Cat to help Dibble. He tries to rehabilitate them, but they show him how much fun it is to be a delinquent cat instead.

Top Cat

Starring: Top Cat
Cameo: Officer Dibble
Summary: During "Beautify Your Home Week," TC spiffs up the alley a bit.