Top Cat (Gold Key) 7 is an issue of the Top Cat comics series from Gold Key Comics. Its issue date is July 1963 and its cover price is twelve cents.


Keys of Knowledge

(Information feature)
City Transportation No.7 - The Jitney

The No-Strain Brain

Starring: Top Cat
Guest starring: Officer Dibble and The Gang
Summary: The cats build a "computer" and Brain sits inside answering questions for money. Meanwhile, Spook has been having nightmares and keeping the gang awake by shouting Dibble's name and address in his sleep. That night he sleeps inside the computer to give the other cats a break. When two dumb crooks steal the computer and ask it what house to rob, Spook sends them to Dibble's.

Amusement Park Panic

Starring: Top Cat
Guest starring: Officer Dibble, Chief Thumbton and The Gang
Summary: TC builds an amusement park out of junk to raise money. Officer Dibble runs him in for not having a carnival license. TC tells the Chief he wanted the money to improve the alley and persuades him to let them keep Junkland open two more days. After two days, however, Dibble and the Chief hire a decorator to spend the cats' money.

Having a Ball

Starring: Top Cat
Guest starring: Miss Kitty Cat and The Gang
Summary: Benny the Ball is left in the alley as the other cats attend the Annual Feline Costume Ball. Wanting to meet its star guest, Miss Kitty Cat, he goes to her hotel. When her date has an accident, Benny fill in. The rest of the gang see a little guy with Kitty, but don't realize it's him in costume. They feel guilty and go home to the alley to console him. When Benny gets home much later and the gang realizes he was having a ball, he may not live happily ever after.

Yakky Doodls Finds a Pet

(story feature)
Starring: Yakky Doodle, Chopper
Summary: Yakky searches for the perfect pet.

Tortoise with a Purpose

Starring: Touche and Dum Dum
Summary: Touche's cousin Touchy is bored.

This Cat Was Not a Feline

Starring: Top Cat
Guest starring: The Gang
Cameo: Officer Dibble
Summary: After reading about a thousand-dollar reward, TC and the Gang try to catch a cat burglar.