Top Cat (Gold Key) 8 is an issue of the Top Cat comics series from Gold Key Comics. Its issue date is October 1963 and its cover price is twelve cents.


Bound and Bagged in Baghdad

Starring: Top Cat
Guest starring: Ali Cat and The Gang
Summary: Searching America for the chef, Ali Cat, the Caliph's henchmen capture our alley cats and bring them to him in Baghdad. TC can't cook his favorite recipes, but he and the gang whip up a hamburger, to the Caliph's delight. Ali returns, discouraged that Americans only want to eat hamburgers, but now that's what the Caliph wants too. They work together to get Ali's job back, and get the gang back home.

Fancy Fancy Goes Fancy

Starring: Fancy-Fancy and Top Cat
Guest starring: Felina and The Gang
Cameo: Dollarus
Summary: Fancy-Fancy's new girlfriend, Felina, is a high society cat. When she finds out his friends live in an alley, she disapproves and makes him choose between them or her. He chooses her, but when her friends insult the gang he defends them. She asks him to leave, but the gang arrives and a brawl soon erupts. Fancy-Fancy realizes his friends mean more to him than a girl, at least until he meets Dollarus.

The Tasty Morsel

(Story feature)
Starring: Yakky Doodle and Chopper
Summary: When Yakky brings him a bug for breakfast, Chopper doesn't want to eat it, but doesn't want to hurt Yakky's feelings either...

Here Comes the Broom

Starring: Touche and Dum Dum
Summary: Touche is looking to do a good deed for someone. He meets a salesman and a farmer, each with a problem, and thinking quickly, makes a connection.

Six Saps on a Cycle

Starring: Top Cat, Officer Dibble and The Gang
Summary: TC uses his knowledge of the City Dump to win a motorcycle. Dibble thinks the cats will be a menace on wheels so he hounds them relentlessly. When they ultimately wreck the bike, Dibble says that it's for the best because motorcycles are nothing but trouble. Another officer comes to bring Dibble to see the Chief about his promotion... to the motorcycle division.

One Benny Too Many

Starring: Top Cat, Benny and The Gang
Summary: When a new "Wanted" poster in the alley appears to depict Benny, TC surmises it's a lookalike. He has the gang dress Benny up as the crook to present to Dibble for a laugh, but they unknowingly grab the criminal by mistake. When the real Benny returns, the gang is mad at TC for losing out on the reward.

Keys of Knowledge

(Information feature)
Fish No. 30 - Catfish